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Russell Pearce Shills Refuse to Remove Illegal Signs, Mesa Gives Them Till Monday

Amazing. According to Christine Zielonka, the Mesa official in charge of code compliance, the pro-Pearce group Citizens Who Oppose the Pearce Recall, is refusing to remove the illegal signs posted all over Mesa, despite a city order and the threat that city workers will collect them after Monday if they are not taken down.

During a meeting Wednesday morning, representatives of CWOPR indicated that they would comply with the law, but then they called back later in the day to say they would not.

"They told us in the morning that they would go ahead and remove the signs," Zielonka explained. "Then they called us in the afternoon...They basically told us they were not intending to remove them."

So Mesa sent out another letter to the scofflaws, dated yesterday, advising Matt Tolman, the clueless idiot who's the chairman of CWOPR, that the signs are in violation of ARS 16-1019, which states such signs cannot go up until 60 days prior to an election.

There are other problems with the signs, other than the fact that they are full of lies about Randy Parraz, co-founder of the recall group Citizens for a Better Arizona. There's no contact info on the signs, and they are placed in inappropriate places. 

You can see an outline of these problems in the letter to Tolman from Mesa Deputy City Manager Karolyn Kent, here.

The letter gives Tolman till 5 p.m. Monday, August 29 to remove the placards or the city will take them down, hold them, and keep them till September 9, when Tolman and his fellow mooks can collect them and put them back up, with the various conditions met.

That letter is the second notice, and the second deadline offered by Mesa to the recalcitrant adherents of state Senate President Russell Pearce. The first deadline was supposed to be tomorrow. The first letter indicated that many of the signs had blown down in the recent windstorm and were considered blight.

The first letter also notes that, "The location and condition of many of these signs are a hazard to vehicles and pedestrians."

So these Pearce toadies are littering, breaking the law, endangering the public safety, and costing taxpayers money in the bargain.

I can only hope Mesa's residents are appropriately ticked.

If so, all of these shenanigans, the nose-thumbing, the dirty pool, the sheer stupidity of Tolman should play right into the hands of the recall supporters.

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