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Russell Pearce Talks "Crushed Scrotum" at Nationally Televised Event

Pearce telling his "scrotum" joke

During a Lincoln Day Luncheon today in Phoenix televised live by C-Span and featuring a keynote address by GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, recalled state Senator Russell Pearce regaled an audience of fellow Republicans with a weird tale about some fella's "crushed scrotum."

Talking Points Memo posted Pearce's classy move on YouTube, which you can watch above. 

Spoiler alert: the punchline to this meandering joke has to do with a man's wife mixing up the words "scrotum" and "sternum," and discussing how her husband's "scrotum" was now "wired together" and in working order.

"`It looks like his scrotum is going to be OK, and he'll be able to use it again,'" said Pearce at one point, quoting this fictional lady.

Pearce scored a few laughs from the crowd -- emphasis on "few." With all eyes on Arizona for the Republican presidential debate tomorrow in Mesa, the world now has further evidence that the GOP is represented locally by yokels.

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