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Russell Pearce's Endorsements Slammed by New Dennis Gilman Video

"Eduction," education, let's call the whole thing off...

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Phoenix videographer Dennis Gilman calls 'em like he sees 'em, and like a true auteur, he retains final cut. Even if I contribute in some small way to some of his videos, I never intrude on his editorial control.

That doesn't mean that I wouldn't do things differently sometimes, though obviously I admire his work.

The above short by Gilman is an example. It hits recalled, disgraced ex-state Senator Russell Pearce hard on the recent flap involving Pearce's campaign signs and some of the endorsements they boast.

In the video, Gilman conflates the so-called "Golden Apple Award for Eduction [sic]," that Pearce touted on one sign, with the laughable "Arizona Teacher's Association," that appears on another.

I may not have explained this well enough in the past, so I'll give it another go.

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