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Russell Pearce's Fave Website Sonoran Alliance Steps in the Shinola

God, I love Republicans. Especially the crazy ones. They're just way too easy. In fact, whether or nor state Senate President Russell Pearce survives the Legislative District 18 recall race, I'll be heartbroken, as right now, every day is a day of Thanksgiving for me.

Take this fake Web page by a fictional group calling itself "Democrats for Jerry Lewis," which has ganked some photos from various sites in a lame attempt to make it look like liberal Dems are behind Republican Lewis' challenge of Pearce.

Well, there's a sucker born every sec, and it seems blogmeister Shane Wikfors over at the way-right Sonoran Alliance site fell for this con almost as hard as he did for the sham candidacy of Olivia Cortes. 

Like a hayseed at the state fair with ten dollars in his britches, itchin' to win a stuffed tiger at one of them thar midway games, SA posted a screenshot of the site, offering it as the ultimate proof that Randy Parraz, the Progressive Democrats of America and assorted other bugbears were orchestrating Lewis' campaign.

Now, I ain't claimin' to be no Steve Jobs in the synapse department, but I saw this hamfisted snow job right out of the gate for what it was, and is, as the site itself is still up: A laughable ruse by pro-Pearce troglodytes to further smear Lewis. 

I said as much in SA's comment section, and I finally pointed out that when you highlight the text on the page, the words "political parody" suddenly appear.

Shortly after leaving this, SA pulled the blog post, putting up another wherein Shane, or whomever he lets blog for him under the "Sonoran Alliance" moniker, announced that he's uncovered some underhandedness here, and will now and forever be, "Watching for Deception."

Heck, you don't have to look far when you belong to the Russell Pearce wing of Sand Land's GOP. Pretty much comes with the territory.

Free tip to the brain surgeons over at SA, SeeingRedAZ, the Maricopa County GOP, and Espresso Pundit, to name a few of the Jif-ier blogs (you know, as in pea-nuttery): The Democrats in this state generally are not smart enough to pull off all these grand conspiracies you ascribe to them. 

Which is why they have nine seats in the state Senate, and you crackerjackals have 21.

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