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Russell Pearce's New Signs Tout His "Eduction" (w/Update)

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Only in Mesa. And even then, I would not have believed it, had I not taken the photo myself.

I mean the campaign sign for recalled, disgraced ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce that touts his receiving the Arizona Parents for Education's "Golden Apple" award.

This seems to be the same award Pearce boasted about during the recall election, and which I wrote about in August of last year. Essentially, the organization shills for online schools, and its award is practically meaningless.

But, obviously, what makes the sign so priceless is its misspelling of the word "Education." I spotted the sign at the intersection of McKellips Road and Harris Drive in Legislative District 25, where Pearce is staging a comeback and faces an uphill climb against nice-guy businessman Bob Worsley in the GOP primary for state Senate there.

This was the only sign of its kind I saw featuring the "Eduction" add-on. However, there were other signs with add-ons. I spotted a couple of other yellow thingees pimping Pearce as the "Hero of the Taxpayer."

One add-on in red and white claims Pearce is "Supported by Arizona Teacher's [sic] Association."

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