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Russell Pearce's Rival Bob Worsley Scores Phoenix Chamber Endorsement

Things are not going well for disgraced, recalled former state Senate President Russell Pearce, the marble-mouthed Mesa mook who's attempting a comeback with a Legislative District 25 run for state Senate.

In spite of Pearce's half-hearted claims of a "huge win" in the U.S. Supreme Court's 5-3 decision on his baby, Senate Bill 1070, the reality is, he got spanked. 

The Supremes strongly reaffirmed the federal government's authority over immigration, and Pearce practically acknowledged as much to the Arizona Capitol Times' Yellow Sheet, when he criticized Justice Anthony Kennedy, author of the 1070 decision.

"His comments were disturbing, because they showed a complete lack of understanding of the Constitution and the state's sovereignty," Pearce offered of the justice.

Yeah, what does Kennedy know? He's only been on the high court since 1988, after being nominated for the post by President Ronald Reagan, that notorious open-borders anarchist who signed the 1986 amnesty.

Then today comes a twofer. First, there's the formation of an independent expenditure committee targeting Pearce called Moving Mesa Forward. The IE's chaired by Chad Snow, co-founder of Citizens for a Better Arizona, the group that made the recall a reality last year and helped turn out the vote against Pearce.

So keep lookin' over your shoulder, Russ, Snow's comin' for ya.

Second, there's the news that the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Pearce's rival in the LD 25 GOP primary, local captain of industry and jobs-creator Bob Worsley.

The SkyMall founder can add the Phoenix Chamber's nod to his ever-growing endorsement pile, which includes heavyweights such as the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, Mesa Mayor Scott Smith and every other member of the Mesa City Council.

Who are Pearce's endorsers? I mean, other than the usual suspects, state legislators like John Kavanaugh, Andy Biggs, and assorted other wingnuts?

That's hard to know precisely, because just as Pearce is recycling campaign signs from his 2011 recall from office, he's also recycling his endorsements. In fact, on his webpage, Pearce lists them as "past endorsements." 

So, if you make the mistake of endorsing Pearce, you've done so for life.

And beyond.

Last year during the recall, I noted in a blog post that some of those listed in Pearce's seperate "friends" category had not been asked permission for their names to be used. Some were actually supporting Pearce's recall-rival, now state Senator Jerry Lewis.

Pearce also had names of folks on there who (apparently) had shuffled off this mortal coil. 

Here's what I wrote at the time regarding this issue:

Though I was able to spot a handful of names for which I could also find obituaries, I feel a little odd about publishing their names until I can contact next of kin.

However, I was able to talk with Mesa resident Helen DeGroff, now Helen DeGroff-Pitman, widow of the late Leon (Lee) DeGroff, who passed away in 2010, according to a notice from a local funeral home.

Told that her late husband is listed as a FOR, she exclaimed, "Well, you'll have to take him off!"

That'll be up to the Senator's campaign, I'm afraid, as I can't get anyone from the Pearce camp to return my calls these days. I also have to allow for the possibility, slight though it may seem, that there's another "Helen and Lee DeGroff" out there.

I mention this again because a "Lee Degroff" is on Pearce's current "friends" list, along with a "Helen Degroff." 

Perhaps, if this Degroff in question is one and the same, the man bequeathed his endorsement to Pearce in his will. 

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In fact, maybe Pearce could pass his "friends" and his "past endorsements" down to one of his sons, should they ever seek elective office. 

Or he could have them carved into his headstone, when he dies of natural causes, after several years spent playing croquet...in retirement.

Can't help myself. You'll be seeing a lot of this video, until Pearce is retired for good come August 28.

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