Russell Pearce's Softer, Gentler Side, via the Video Stylings of Constantin Querard

Soft and cuddly this Mesa muttonhead will never be

I sure hope recalled ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce doesn't bow out of the GOP state Senate primary in Legislative District 25, as some have been speculatin' in the blogosphere.

Why? Well, because that would rob me of the immense pleasure of watching the 12-point loser get crushed yet again by a newbie Republican politician, in this case deep-pockets SkyMall-founder Bob Worsley

Also, it would leave me with one less deserving target of my invective. Pearce, disbarred former County Attorney Andrew Thomas, J.T. Ready, they're all falling by the wayside, all of the far right loonies. Well, not all, but some of the most heinous of the lot, that's for sure.

If Pearce stays in the game, that allows me a couple more months of material while I seek out new villains to torment. Material like the lame video above of a kinder, gentler Pearce, no doubt created by Pearce's creepy snake-in-the-grass consultant, the ever-slithery Constantin Querard. 

This thing is freaking hi-larious. The soft lighting. The living room setting. The attempt to make Pearce seem like a human being instead of an aggro bully-bigot who's one step away from donning a sheet and reenacting the Klan scene from O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Well, I hate to break it to you, Russ, but no matter how gentle you try to seem, no matter how many babies you hold for the camera (like the one at the end), and no matter how much you lie and claim that you're for improving education, you'll always be what you are: an ogre with a record of doing everything in your power to hurt this state's kids.

The last year you were in the Legislature, Pearce backed a budget that slashed $148 million from K-12 education. According to Education Week, Arizona currently ranks 44 overall out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Pearce has done nothing to help lift that ranking.

Thing is, the Pearce camp tried this deceptive tack in 2011 with mailers featuring kids of all colors and cynical declarations that Pearce supports "quality education." Riiiight. 

Jesus may love the little children of the world, red, brown, yellow, black and white. But bigot-boy Pearce would rather keep the brown out, if he could, and starve public education till for-profit online schools rule and Arizona ranks 51 in education.

Pearce, Querard and the army of Kool-Aid drinkers they lead are seriously delusional. All they care about is bashing Mexicans and making sure that their jefe Pearce scores more cash from a state government he claims to want to rein in. 

These dimwits can't grasp the simple fact that Pearce is an anvil around the neck of the Arizona Republican Party. And I'm glad they do not grasp this fact, because it makes it far more likely that 2012 will be watershed year for sweeping the crazies in the GOP from office. 

Mark my words, Sand Land politicos soon will be as proud of photos of themselves with Pearce as Pearce is of those he appeared in with neo-Nazi baby-killer J.T. Ready. So please stay in, Russ. Purty please. The longer you try to remain relevant, the deeper the GOP's self-inflicted wound.

On the flip side, were Pearce to take a powder, I'll be able to begin my political obit of Pearce with this line: "Neo-Nazi J.T. Ready claims his fifth and final victim." It's one thing to be a neo-Nazi hugger. Huggin' a neo-Nazi-baby-killer? That's a whole new level of wrong.

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