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Russell Pearce's Son Joshua Sentenced To Year in Prison

Recently filed court documents show that State Senate President Russell Pearce's 30 year-old son Joshua has been sentenced to a year in the Arizona Department of Corrections for violating the conditions of his probation on a 2007 conviction for aggravated DUI.

(Both Joshua's infant son and his wife were in the car with him at the time of the 2007 DUI.)

Joshua, who has had numerous run-ins with Mesa cops over the years, was arrested February 9 on outstanding warrants. He spent close to two months in county before his revocation hearing came up.

Though the probation department wanted to send him to prison then, he ended up being sentenced to a six day stint in jail and released.

He wasn't out long before he again violated the terms of parole. Joshua turned himself in to the Mesa Police Department on April 19. He was sentenced to a year in prison on May 11, and is currently at the ADC's Phoenix Alhambra Unit.

Joshua's probation report indicates that he was supposed to complete a drug-counseling program given by the Salvation Army. But the Salvation Army discharged him after he "[left] the premises in the middle of the night without permission."

The report states that, "[Joshua] returned to the program a few hours later and was drug tested by the Salvation Army which reported he was positive marijuana."

In court for his latest violation, Joshua rejected further probation and took the time instead.

Earlier this year, Joshua was under investigation by the Mesa PD for alleged child abuse. This, because his infant daughter was brought to the hospital and diagnosed with a skull fracture.

Mesa cops did not believe Joshua was being truthful about how his daughter was injured. Ultimately, they concluded there was not enough evidence to charge him with a crime.

Child Protective Services allowed Johsua's mother LuAnne to take custody of the children. Joshua's wife Samantha has since filed for divorce.

According to the ADC Web site, Joshua could be up for supervised release as early as September 5 of this year. That's with credit for the time he's already served in county.

Recently, in a segment on Russell Pearce's relationship with neo-Nazi J.T. Ready, Fox 10 touched on the issue of a tattoo on Joshua's chest, which Ready has alleged is a Nazi eagle.

During an interview with Fox 10, Pearce admitted that the tattoo was "inappropriate" and that his son had the tattoo "covered up," though he denied that the tattoo had a swastika on it.

Which begs the question of why it had to be covered up, if there was no swastika? An eagle's head, BTW, is visible on Joshua's neck in various mug shots.

Ready has also said that in the past Joshua wanted to join the Aryan Brotherhood, a white supremacist prison-based gang.

If so, Joshua might finally be in a position to become a member and make his papa proud.

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