Feathered Bastard

Rusty Childress' United for a Sovereign America embraces iconic neo-Nazi Elton Hall as one of its own, reports Halls' pelvis broken by accident.

In a sign of United for a Sovereign America's continued embrace of fanaticism and anti-immigrant extremism, U.S.A.'s Web site immigrationbuzz.com refers to iconic Arizona neo-Nazi Elton Hall as "Our Patriot," and reports that his pelvis was broken in an accident Saturday near 25th Street and Bell Road in north Phoenix. Hall, 74, is known as being one of the early Arizona organizers for George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party, and he's still active in local white supremacist circles.

As stated in my Sunday post on this topic, Hall was on the sidewalk facing Bell Road Saturday as part of a demonstration organized by U.S.A. against the nearby Macehualli Work Center, which caters to day-laborers seeking work. According to PHX PD, when one driver made an illegal left turn that morning, he hit a woman driving eastbound, who in turn hit Hall. Hall was taken to Paradise Valley Hospital just down the street, where he was listed in stable condition the day after the accident.

I was on site shortly after the crash, and the members of U.S.A. I spoke to called me a liar when I asked if they knew Hall was an important neo-Nazi. Of course, that didn't stop them from using one of my photos of Hall on their site as if it were their own. So I must be telling the truth somewhere, right laddies?

The item on immigrationbuzz.com, posted by Childress himself, attempts to ignore the issue of Hall's affiliations altogether, as if Hall were any other protester in the U.S.A. camp who had been hurt by an "invader."

Elton Hall Injured In Accident Caused By Invader, Broken Pelvis

The usual Phoenix Patriots were demonstrating at the Day Labor site on 25th St just south of Bell Road when a car made an unsafe left turn and hit another car. That car spun around, hit one of our Patriots who was sitting in a chair near the intersection, then ended up backwards on the sidewalk, resting against a fire hydrant.Our Patriot was taken by ambulance to a hospital. We latered [SIC] learned that the driver of the car making the unsafe left turn DID NOT HAVE A DRIVER’S LICENSE OR INSURANCE, BUT HE DID HAVE A MEXICAN CONSULAR MATRICULA CARD.

This is not the first time Childress has opened his ranks to neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and others whose beliefs dovetail with such intolerance: Mesa neo-Nazi J.T. Ready has been an attendee at past U.S.A. meetings, and has been closely linked to Childress; PHX white supremacist Damon Ashenfelter is another frequenter of U.S.A.-sponsored events; a man identifying himself as a member of the separatist AZ group White Knights of America rose to speak at a U.S.A. meet-up previously; cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs wing-nut Sandra Miller has made her presence known at U.S.A.'s Mexican-bashin' coffee klatches; and Yosemite Sam-lookalike Buffalo Rick, who has on more than one occasion referred to non-whites as "monkeys" and who sells T-shirts that read "My Back Is Still Wet" and "That Sucking Sound You Hear Is Anchor Babies," is Childress' chief lieutenant.

All but one of the respondents to the Childress post seem oblivious to the fact their organization has just owned a famous neo-Nazi. Commenter Dan Peitzmeyer tries offering a smidgen of perspective to the diatribes of the others:

"It’s unfortunate that Mr. Hall was injured," he writes. "And I do wish him a speedy recovery, but it is an inaccuracy to refer to this known neo-Nazi as a `patriot.'"

In many ways, actual neo-Nazis are far more straightforward, despite the odiousness of their views, than the other members of U.S.A. who claim disingenuously that race and ethnicity have nothing to do with their objections to immigration. Riiiight. If there were 12-to-20 million white Canadians crossing the border to do all the jobs Americans turn their noses up at, Childress, et al. wouldn't wiggle a nostril at 'em. Mexicans? Now that's a different matter, eh, Rusty?

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