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SB 1062 Protesters Denounce So-Called "Religious Freedom Bill," Video by Dennis Gilman

Check out this awesome new video from Phoenix videographer Dennis Gilman, catching some of the action from a demonstration at the state Capitol, where protesters denounced the Arizona GOP's asinine "religious freedom" bill, aka Senate Bill 1062.

That bill would allow business people to discriminate against the LGBT community, and in reality, just about anyone, as long as they can justify it with religion.

Essentially, SB 1062 is SB 1070 for gays.

Kudos to Dennis Gilman for this great new video on the GOP's pro-bigotry bill

Just like when 1070 was sitting on Governor Jan Brewer's desk in 2010, the talk of boycotts and money leaving the state has already begun.

The difference? Brewer is not up for re-election this year (no matter what anyone, including Brewer, says), and Brewer signed 1070 for one reason four years ago: to ensure her win, both in the GOP primary and in the general election.

This bill is so stupid on so many levels: morally, economically, legally, politically, you name it.

But if Brewer signs this legislation, the Arizona Republican Party ultimately will suffer, big time. Brewer will be giving Dems an issue with which to rally their base and get people to the polls this November.

Moreover, such blatant discrimination will encourage those in the LGBT community nationwide to focus their efforts and their donations on Arizona.

The 2008 Arizona gay-marriage ban was another thing altogether, particularly since Arizona law already prevented same-sex unions.

This bill's language is broad and sets Arizona on a deliberate, backward path, further stigmatizing a state that's regular fodder for comedians and talk show hosts.

Sure, I hope Brewer does the right thing.

But if she doesn't, it's going to be fun watching Republicans deal with this albatross once they get past their primaries, the one place this sort of bigotry plays.

Also, check out those signs in the video, the ones that say, "Goodbye Super Bowl," and "Goodbye Google."

Chew on that possibility, Republicans.

Then tell your governor to sign away....

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