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SCA Scandal: Subpoena Forces Release of Another Donation Check From a Corporation

The SCA was determined to keep its secrets hidden, but on-the-ball election officials haven't let that happen. We've tracked the release of the bank account info and check copies that Captain Joel Fox, the SCA's "spokesman," didn't want made public. And now, thanks to a subpoena, another secret has been pried loose.

This check copy shows that another company donated to the sleazy SCA fund, which was ultimately used to produce and air an R-rated ad last year about the opponent of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Transportation Management Corporation of Phoenix donated $1,500 to the SCA back in December 19, 2007. A woman at the company took a message for the owners, whom she declined to name.

Not only is the name of this donor interesting -- there are no personal names, just the name fo the corporation -- but the check's "pay to" field holds another clue to this unraveling mystery.


Underneath the name "Commanders Office Association" are the words "Attn: Larry Black."

That would be the same Larry Black who registered the domain name "sheriffcommand.com" back in 2006, the same Larry Black who opened a political action committee with Joel Fox.

Joel Fox and the SCA are already in deep doo-doo.

This new check won't help their case.


UPDATE: The Business Journal reported today that the owners of Transportation Management Corporation, William Gruwell and Mike Fitzgerald, are executives for the Phoenix car dealership Courtesy Chevrolet.

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