Should Joe Arpaio Use Donations to Repay Taxpayer Funds Used on "Birther" Crap?

Yesterday, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors came to a vote on whether to let the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office repay the taxpayer money Sheriff Arpaio wasted to send a deputy to Hawaii.

Supervisor Fulton Brock didn't show up, so by a vote of 2-2, the supervisors voted to not allow MCSO to repay the taxpayer funds with private donations.

The "birthers" must be having some trouble raising money, since MCSO showed up prepared to give back just half the loot it lifted from taxpayers for a deputy's $10,000 trip to Hawaii.

Citizens for a Better Arizona's Randy Parraz seems to get it, judging by the video the Feathered Bastard posted, saying the MCSO accepting donations is akin to "privatiz[ing] the sheriff's office."

"We all pay our public dollars to hold them accountable," Parraz said. So, what, someone else goes in, say they give him $10,000, they can go investigate their own personal agenda? This is about holding public officials accountable with our taxpayer dollars."

So, should MCSO and Arpaio use donations to repay the taxpayer funds they're lifting to go on leprechaun/unicorn hunts?

Cast your vote below:

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