Six Kids Rescued From El Mirage House O' Filth

An El Mirage couple has a pretty filthy house -- complete with cockroaches and floors covered with re-fried beans. They also have six kids, who were forced to live in the mess and are now in the custody of another family member after police had a look at what was going on in their parents' abode.

Sabrina Garcia and her husband, Richard Garcia Jr., were both arrested on Sunday after police saw the deplorable conditions in which they, and their children, were living.

Cops got a call Sunday night about an argument between a man and woman. When they responded to the call, police found themselves at the Garcia's house having a chat with the couple.

Talking to the couple in front of the home, the responding officer's attention shifted from the Garcia's to the several children inside the house, who were looking out the window.

The officers asked if they could check on the children, and when Richard Garcia opened the front door, cops were instantly hit with the stench of garbage and rotting food.

Inside the house, cops say the carpet was black from having trash all over it and there were cockroaches everywhere, including hundreds in the sink and kitchen cabinet.

One cockroach even crawled up one of the children's legs as the kid stood in a pile of re-fried beans.

Police say the house was covered from floor to ceiling with cockroaches, and the bedrooms were full of rotting food and cockroach-covered kids' toys.

We know what you're probably thinking, but no crystal meth was found in the house.

The children, police say, are between the ages of 4 and 12 years old.

The Garcias each blamed the mess on the kids not picking up after themselves. Hopefully, police explained to the couple that roach patrol should not be on any kid's chore list.

The Garcias have each been charged with six counts of child abuse.

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