So, Was There Anything Appropriate About Andy Tobin Calling Black Dem "Very Ghetto"?

Well, Arizona Speaker of the House Andy Tobin decided yesterday that Democratic National Committee executive director Patrick Gaspard is a "very ghetto" individual.

As we wrote about yesterday, Tobin eventually deleted it, and blamed it on someone else who wrote the "tweet" calling Gaspard very ghetto.

"Kid Sharpton," Reverend Jarrett Maupin II, phoned in shortly after that, and as you can imagine, he was not pleased.

Maupin said Tobin agreed to meet with him this morning, mostly for Maupin to give an explanation on why the black community won't much appreciate Tobin calling a black man "very ghetto."

Still, was there anything appropriate about Tobin calling Gaspard "very ghetto"?

Cast your vote below:

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