State Dems Depressed in Downtown Phoenix as Results Pour In


We bumped into an old friend as we stepped into the moribund Democrat headquarters in downtown Phoenix a bit ago.

He's a old-school pol, a friend of gubernatorial candidate Terry Goddard (who is about to go down to his third loss for the state's highest job -- twice to Fife Symington III, and now to Jan Brewer).

As of 9 p.m., with about 40 percent of precincts reporting statewide, Brewer is crunching Goddard by about 14 percent, or 150,000 votes.

Looks like a butt-spanking.

The guy has known Terry for a long time. "Terry probably would have figured out a way to lose this thing even it there had been no [Senate Bill] 1070," the friend said.

"He really would have made a good governor, and he's not as much of a wuss as people might think. He actually has ideas about how to make things work a little better. But he had so many chances over the last four years to make a name for himself, by standing up to people like fucking Joe Arpaio.

"He didn't pull the trigger and at least  take a stand. That's Terry. But what the hell...."


So what becomes of Terry Goddard?

A Washington D.C. gig for the last two years of President Barack Obama's first (and maybe only) term?




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