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State Representative Doris Goodale's Son Pleads Guilty in Heroin-Trafficking Case

Michael Goodale, the Kingman resident who calls recently re-elected Republican state Representative Doris Goodale "mom," is looking at some prison time after pleading guilty to a charge related to a Kingman Police Department heroin-trafficking investigation.

According to the local paper of record, the Kingman Daily Miner, Michael Goodale pleaded guilty to "attempting to transport narcotic drugs for sale," in a plea agreement that locks him up for 3 1/2 years.

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Kingman police said in May that the investigation was centered on people bringing "substantial amounts" of heroin from Las Vegas to Kingman to sell to dealers and users.

Goodale and three of the other people arrested were popped near Highway 68 in Golden Valley as the buyers and sellers were meeting, and Goodale was identified as one of the alleged buyers of the heroin coming from Vegas.

His sister, Stephanie Goodale, was arrested at a home in Kingman on felony charges related to the investigation.

Her case is still pending, but the Miner says "prosecutors said they wouldn't offer a deal that doesn't include prison time."

At the time of the investigation, police served search warrants on two cars and a house owned by Representative Goodale and her husband and some unspecified drug evidence was picked up there.

Cops recovered a half-ounce of heroin, $6,000, and two cars from their haul.

Representative Goodale's husband, William Goodale, died in October. He was a member of the Kingman Unified School District Board.

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