Sylvia Allen Responds to Raul Grijalva's Dislike of "Arizona Guard" With Cartel Accusation

Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva released a statement about State Senator Sylvia Allen's bill to create a volunteer militia to guard the border, and as you can imagine, he's not too hip to the idea.

"This legislation is not just silly and irresponsible, it's a public safety threat," Grijalva says. "To arm individuals, provide paper-thin weapons training and deliberately place them in danger disrespects the taxpayers of our great state and cheapens the professionalism of our border security agents."

Equally unsurprising, Allen had a cow over Grijalva's criticisms.

Among her claims was that Grijalva is apparently proposing legislation intended to "make it easier for the cartels."

"Since when has Mr. Grijalva EVER been concerned about protecting our borders?" Allen says. "He has fought every effort ever made by this Legislature to stem the flow. In fact, he is proposing to add more wilderness areas along the border to make it even easier for the cartels, since local law enforcement officials cannot enforce the law on federal land."

We're not sure what Allen believes "it" is that Grijalva's trying to make easier for cartels, but she sure didn't return our call for comment.

If you haven't read our colleague Stephen Lemons' piece on the "Arizona Guard," now's a good time for that one.

Without further ado, here's the rest of Allen's rant against Grijalva:

Calling the training of the members of the Special Missions Unit "paper-thin" is an insult to every member of the U.S. Armed Forces. The Special Missions Unit will consist mostly of highly trained former law enforcement and military personnel. They will come into the Special Missions Unit highly trained, and the Unit will add further training on top of that.  Congressman Grijalva and the Federal Government would prefer to send out Border Patrol officers without guns and call that 'protection'. I don't call that border security - I call it insanity. "Open borders" Grijalva can spin his opposition any way he likes, but Arizonans know that we have a huge problem here with drug cartels, allied with terrorists, smuggling drugs and terrorizing the inhabitants of this state."

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