The History Channel pulverizes troofers in 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction.

The History Channel all up in your grills, you troofer bitches.

Pat Curley, aka Yoda of Screw Loose Change fame calls it "Hiroshima for the Truthers," and indeed The History Channel did an excellent job in obliterating a number of troofer lies. I'm on deadline for my column, so here are a few free associations below. In some ways, I liked the BBC's effort better, the 9/11 episode from its "Conspiracy Files" series. The History Channel was a lot more patient with these troofer 'tards than I recall the BBC being. But it's all good. You can catch reruns at these times: Tuesday, August 21, 1:00 AM; Saturday, August 25, 8:00 PM; and Sunday, August 26, 12:00 AM. If someone posts a copy to YouTube, I'll link to it.

Dylan Avery: poster boy for Clearasil (didn't they have a makeup person?)

Jason Bermas: came off as a total fanatic, most likely to end up in a straightjacket.

Korey Rowe: now on his way to one of the FEMA death camps?

Alex Jones: total fucking loon, as always.

Steven Jones: should really be teaching kindergarten somewhere.

Sofia Shafquat ("Shafquat"?): When she says, "I know I'm not crazy," that means she's crazy.

David Ray Griffin: self-important prick.

Jim Meigs: class act, had best quote about Loose Change, "The movie is extremely compelling if you don't care about the truth or the facts."

Jim Fetzer: so full of shit he burps E. coli.

What, no Rosie?

God, Charlie Sheen looks old.

What was up with the unshaven male nurse? Wouldn't you shave if you thought you might be on national Television?

Stuff about the Flight 93 phone calls revealed the troofers as Class A creeps.

Good footage of Mark Roberts in NYC, but they should've interviewed him.

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