The Nine Things You Probably Don't Know About Phoenix

There's a lot you probably don't know about Phoenix, even if you've lived here for a while. Here are nine extremely interesting facts about our desert metropolis:

9.) South Mountain Park Is the Nation's Largest City Park

There are certainly larger state and federal parks, but no bigger city parks. At more than 16,000 acres, it's nearly 20 times the size of New York's Central Park.

8.) Phoenix Has Gotten an Inch of Snow — Twice

On two occasions in the 1930s, Phoenix got an inch of snow. The only time in the last 25 years that a measurable amount of snow was recorded was from December 21 to 22, 1990, when 0.4 inches of now was measured in Phoenix.

7.) Only 11 State Capitals Are at a Higher Elevation

Phoenix is at an elevation of more than 1,100 feet.

6.) By Land Area, Phoenix Is Bigger Than New York and Los Angeles

By total land area, there are only a few major American cities larger than Phoenix, at more than 500 square miles: Anchorage, Alaska; Jacksonville, Florida; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Houston, Texas.

5.) Parts of Downtown Were Built Over 3,000-Year-Old Ruins

Previous civilizations, including the Hohokam, lived in the Phoenix area. In 2006, while the Phoenix Convention Center was under construction, archaeologists found that the old Phoenix Civic Plaza had been built over 3,000-year-old houses.

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Matthew Hendley
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