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The Vinlanders Social Club pays a visit to members of Rusty Childress' United for a Sovereign America (w/update on Buffalo Rick Galeener's public urination case)

The things people will cop to online. Take these recent postings to the message board of United for a Sovereign America, one of the Valley's most virulent hate groups led by alleged public urinator Buffalo Rick Galeener and erstwhile KIA-dealer Rusty Childress. Under the June 16 subject heading "beware!!!!!," U.S.A. member Craig Tillman warns his fellow nativists of a contact supposedly made by a member of the notorious Vinlanders Social Club.

"Hey everybody," writes Tillman, "last weekend on the line, our members were approached by a guy from Vinlanders. I looked into the site that he gave us. this is a splinter group of white supremist [sic]. My own opinion is that we, USA, and all who are associated with our cause illegal immigration [sic], stay as far away from these guys, that if they attend a meeting, that USA requests they leave politely. if you want to look into their site go to vinlanders.com make up your own minds."

The outreach on the part of the Vinlanders seems logical. The anti-immigrant message on the Vinlanders' Web site dovetails with that of U.S.A., and U.S.A. has accepted neo-Nazis into its ranks heretofore -- Elton Hall and J.T. Ready being the most notable. And many (though not all) of U.S.A.'s members have similar views to those of the Vinlanders. The only barrier would seem to be cultural. The Vinlanders are racist skinheads, and U.S.A. members are inclined to be old a-holes on bikes, or at least those little scooters that disabled and ancient U.S.A.-ers drive around.

If his horror here is genuine and not the stuff of grade-school drama queens, then I suppose Craig Tillman deserves a star for just saying no to white supremacy. Problem is, he told me on at least one occasion that Elton Hall was his friend and remained so even after the revelation of his devout neo-Nazism. Comments from Mary Lou Benigno and Terri Koob echo Tillman's sentiment regarding the Vinlanders on the U.S.A. board.

However, Lynne, one of the most hostile U.S.A. members, seemed to dig the Vinlanders, at least in the sense of bringing more warm bodies for the cause. See, Lynne (there's only one I know of in the group) resembles a linebacker for the New York Giants, and like all U.S.A.-ites, sports a sidearm. If she were a few decades younger, she might've been ripe for the whole white supremacist thing. Save for her sexual preference, which might not be cool with the braces and laces crowd.

"Well he said they would show up in Clothes [sic] which covered their Tattoo's and look like normal people," offers Lynne by way of explanation. "I said welcome [sic] to show up and carry a sign or a flag The more people here to keep the Illegal Alien Invaders in their cage the better . . But as with all the other groups whom say they are "GOING TO" . . They Never showed up . .[sic]"

Lest you're under the mistaken impression that the Vinlanders, who are reputed to have a chapter in Mesa, are simply some Nordic drinking club, check this description of the group from the ADL's Web site:

"Of the newer racist skinhead groups, perhaps the most disturbing is the Vinlanders Social Club, a hard-core racist skinhead group many of whose members have criminal records. Originating in Knightstown, Indiana, the Vinlanders started off as a loose association of members of different racist skinhead groups from Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, including the Hoosier State Skinheads and the Ohio State Skinheads.

"As it cohered, the group began to expand, with core Vinlanders visiting other racist skinhead groups around the country looking for potential recruits, using a "prospect" system similar to that used by the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang. In a short period of time, the Vinlanders grew to have over a hundred members, prospects, and associates, and also developed rivalries with other white supremacist groups, most notably the National Socialist Movement and the Hammerskins."

It's something to keep an eye on. United for a Sovereign America is still up at Sal Reza's Macehualli Work Center on a regular basis, and until he was hit in a car accident standing at his post there earlier this year, so was Arizona neo-Nazi Elton Hall. Skinheads successfully infiltrated the nativist protesters at the Pruitt's protests last year. They could do the same at the ongoing Macehualli demonstrations. Easily. As long as they pull their clothes over their tats.

BUFFALO PEE UPDATE: The racist Yosemite Sam of the local anti-immigrant movement got another respite from the court on his public urination trial. Just yesterday, June 18, Buffalo Rick Galeener's attorney asked for a continuance because he supposedly had a seminar to attend. The City Prosecutor's office did not oppose the motion, and so the court scheduled the next court date for July 2. This, from Vicki Hill at the Phoenix City Prosecutor's office. No word on whether or not Buffalo will be wearing a catheter during the trial, so let's hope they seat him near the banos and away from the jury box so no one gets sprayed.

PS: Dear "Fat plagiarizing Bastard,"

It might interest you to know that I am very aware of who comments under sock puppets in this blog. Being that as it may, knock your socks off, Kookla.

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