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Tom Horne Leads Andrew Thomas by 1,073 Votes in State AG Race, with Only 54K Votes To Go

It's not looking good for former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas. As of the end of today's count of the remaining ballots, state Schools Superintendent Tom Horne had expanded his lead of about 400 votes from yesterday to 1,073. This, in the GOP nod for state Attorney General.

According to the Arizona Secretary of State, there are some 54,000 early and provisional ballots remaining to count, less than half of the total from yesterday. Should the same trend continue, by this time tomorrow, we may know if Horne has bested Thomas.

Asked if he thought he would prevail, Horne was optimistic.

"I've been feeling that way," he told me with a smile in his voice. "But I'm not declaring [victory]. I want to be suitably humble."

The bulk of the remaining ballots are in Maricopa County. County elections officials said they counted more than 57,000 ballots today, and have about 37,000 left to go.

A recount would only be triggered if the gap between the two men narrowed to less than 200 votes.

Should Horne prevail, as seems likely at this point, he'll be taking on Democrat Felecia Rotellini in the general election. By day's end, Rotellini lead her next closest competitor in the Democratic primary, state House majority leader David Lujan, by 3,203 votes.

Lujan conceded about an hour ago via his Twitter account.

The only thing that could be better than Andrew Thomas losing the GOP primary would be to see him disbarred, so he can no longer practice law. Wonder if he could be a paralegal for his old buddy Dennis Wilenchik? Hope Thomas knows how to type.

Correction, there would be one thing better than disbarment: To see him indicted by the federal grand jury looking into both Thomas and his fellow Sith Lord Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

But before we get to visions of Thomas and Arpaio in pink underwear and matching handcuffs, we best await tomorrow's results, to see if Thomas finally goes to the mat, and stays there, where he belongs.

(For my account of Tom Horne's reversal of fortune on election night, check out that blog entry, here.)

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