Feathered Bastard

Tom Horne's Alleged Mistress Admits Leaving AG Office to Save Horne's Tuchis, and Dennis Wilenchik's Son Runs for State House

Consider the following a confirmation of the obvious: an e-mail from Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne's alleged mistress, Carmen Chenal, wherein she confesses her motivation for resigning her $108,000 post at the AG's Office.

"I need to leave here," she writes in a May 24 e-mail, forwarded to Horne's gmail account, "because although I have A+ evaluations here, the false allegations out in the media are hurting Tom politically -- being on the AG's payroll is a negative for him politically."

See, in 2011, Chenal followed Horne from the Arizona Department of Education, where then-Superintendent Horne had scored her a position she was unqualified for, to the AG's Office, where Horne got her a far more prestigious, better-paying gig that she was unqualified for.

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