Feathered Bastard

Tom Horne's Pals Fife Symington and Randy Pullen Call for Mark Brnovich to Drop Out of AG Race, Hilarity Ensues

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne's good buddies, former Arizona Governor Fife Symington and onetime Arizona Republican Party chair Randy Pullen, want Horne's foe in the GOP primary, Mark Brnovich, to tap out of the fight.

In a campaign fundraising e-mail sent to Republican faithful, Symington and Pullen argue that Brnovich is behind in the polls and in fundraising and that his staying in the race only helps Horne's once-and-future Democratic rival, Felecia Rotellini.

"In my opinion, Brnovich is not a viable candidate and should get out of the race," claims Symington in the mass e-mail. "His continued presence will only aid the Democrats in the General Election."

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