Trent Franks Backs Off Barack Obama "Enemy of Humanity" Remark; He Really Meant "Enemy of Unborn Humanity"

For  bloggers, Trent Franks is the gift that keeps on giving...

Obama-must-die-preacher Steven Anderson of Tempe's Faithful Word Baptist Church and Congressman Trent Franks, unofficial Robert Mitchum lookalike, should really get together at a pizza buffet one of these days for lunch. They have so much in common. Here's what their confab might sound like, were they to do so.

"The unborn rock!" exclaims Anderson, munching on a wedge of pepperoni pie. "Oh, shoot, I forgot to pray for Barack Obama's death before we started eating."

"Good idea, pastor," drools the Congressman, a sliced black olive alighting on his lapel, next to an Arizona flag pin. "After all, he is the enemy of humanity. Um, I mean, unborn humanity."

"What's the diff?" asks Anderson. "Unborn, born, it's all the same. Can you pass the Parmesan?"

The congressman passes the cheese, takes another bite of his thin crust pizza.

"What I can't figure out, is why he won't release his long form birth certificate," wonders Franks, rubbing his chin. "You're a man of Yahweh, pastor. Is Obama the antichrist?"

"That's what it says in my King James Version of the Bible," avers the religious zealot, gulping Diet Coke. "It also says he should die like a salted snail."

"Oooh, escargot, I've never been a fan of French cuisine," winces Franks. "I like to keep it all-American."

And so it goes. If you didn't catch Franks' "enemy of humanity" address to a group of wackjobs in St. Louis, Missouri, it's above. A Franks flack has since said that Franks meant to say Obama's the enemy of "unborn humanity." You know, like your great-great-great-grandchildren not yet sired.

Such pronouncements call to mind the fate of Dr. George Tiller, the abortion doctor recently assassinated in his Wichita, Kansas church, allegedly by right-wing extremist Scott Roeder. Anti-abortion nuts thought Tiller was an enemy as well.

Does this mean that Franks, a Baptist oil man turned politico, would dance a jig if President Obama were to be offed by some 21st Century Lee Harvey Oswald? Perhaps not publicly. But hey, B-rock is the enemy of all fetuses. So at the very least, Franks'd be doing a private moonhowler dance of delight.

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