Tucson Citizen Court Drama Launched by AG Scheduled for This Morning; Newspaper Puts Out Last Issue

A federal judge is scheduled to hear arguments by the state Attorney General's office this morning as to why the

Tucson Citizen

should stay


, says one of the newspaper's would-be buyers.

Stephen Hadland, CEO of the Santa Monica Media Group, publisher of the Culver City Observer, sent the following e-mail to New Times (and, apparently, to Editor and Publisher magazine):

The Judge has set a hearing in the matter of the closing of the Tucson Citizen. The hearing will be held in Tucson Federal Court at 9:30 AM Monday morning. Lee and Gannett are flying in their Chief Counsels.

The Judge assigned to the case is U.S. District Judge Raner C. Collins.

They have both filed motions to dismiss the Case.

The United States Department of Justice is also sending a representative.

I personally believe the Attorney General will prevail.

Stephen Hadland CEO, Santa Monica Mdia Company, LLC Publisher & President Observer Newspapers (310) 503-4145

The newspaper, 138 years and seven months old, ran its last edition on Saturday. Click here for its "epitaph."

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