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Undocumented Migrant Adds Insult to Injury After Burglarizing Home--Steals a Dude's Dog

Here's one for you:

Early on the evening of May 8, a ranch hand at a spread in Apache, a dot off Highway 80 near the New Mexico border north of Douglas, phoned local authorities.

A sheriff's department report describes how the fellow was driving home on remote Skeleton Canyon Road when he came upon a man of Latino descent walking on the side of the street.

The Latino, later determined to be Jose Garcia-Gomez of Mexico, hailed the ranch hand, who slowed down and stopped.

Garcia-Gomez asked the driver in Spanish for a ride to an unspecified location.

But that's when the ranch hand noticed the man had a dog on a leash by his side.

And it wasn't just any dog (nor, for the record, was it the pup in the photo).

It was the driver's own pet canine.

The guy who was trying to bum a ride also was wearing jackets belonging the ranch worker, and was carrying tin shears that belonged to the worker.

The ranch asked for an explanation (in what tone of voice isn't clear from the sheriff's report).

Without comment and in short order, the thief put the dog, jacket, and shears into the back of the man's pick-up truck and fled on foot into the desert.

A Cochise County sheriff's deputy alleged in his report that Garcia-Gomez had busted through a double-door and ransacked the ranch hand's residence down the road.

The guy also had taken a can of spray paint and marked up an outside wall with gang signs

U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested Garcia-Gomez within the hour.

He currently is facing criminal charges in Cochise County Superior Court.

And, for you dog lovers out there, the pilfered pup apparently is doing fine.

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