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Videos of Zack de la Rocha's Speech, and Neo-Nazis and Nativists Supporting Joe Arpaio

Zack de la Rocha at the anti-Arpaio rally Saturday in front of Tent City -- footage by Dennis Gilman

If you only read the coverage of Saturday's anti-Arpaio march in Phoenix's paper of record, and/or watched it on our local news channels, you wouldn't know that neo-Nazis were present in the nativist camp supporting Sheriff Joe. Nor would you know that at the end of the march, Rage Against the Machine/One Day as a Lion frontman Zack de la Rocha read a letter from immigrant mothers in Estrella Jail detailing the abuses they are undergoing at the hands of Joe's guards.

Counterdemonstrators at Saturday's Walk for Respect; video contains footage of neo-Nazis sieg-heiling -- video by Naui

Both omissions are unforgivable. To ignore the content of De la Rocha's speech at the end of the march is to miss the point of the event itself. And to don blinders when it comes to neo-Nazis openly commingling with nativist groups is a sickening whitewash. The support Joe receives from these extremists is a crucial factor in the ongoing battle over immigration in this state. Indeed, it shows you just how the lines are drawn, and who is on each side.

Video captured by Irence C. and presented by Dennis Gilman of neo-Nazis in action

Such willful blindness is infuriating, but thankfully citizen journalists have taken up the considerable slack left by the mainstream media. These plucky, indie Fourth Estaters deserve credit for going where the MSM fears to tread. Without videographer and activist Dennis Gilman, we would not be able to watch De la Rocha's address. And without Mexica movement video hound Naui (pronounced "Nowie") and local activist Irene C., we wouldn't have footage of the neo-Nazis sieg-heil-ing the demonstrators as they filed down Durango.

Keep this in mind when you don't like what you see on the TV news or in your quickly fading daily newspaper. The only way to change the media is to become the media. Once you do so, watch these so-called journos follow your lead, as you score the story they are too indolent or ignorant to pick up on their own.

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Stephen is a former staff writer and columnist at Phoenix New Times.
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