Wing-nutty Hobbit lady Anna Gaines attempts recall of Mayor Phil Gordon.

Anna wowed 'em in Lord of the Rings...

Expect it to look like The Best of Jerry Springer down at City Hall Thursday morn, as anti-Hispanic Hispanic Anna Gaines and a pack of her nativist 'tard buds will be holding a press-conference at 9 AM to announce their intent to gather sigs for a recall of Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon. Gaines is a Hobbit-like lady who never waivers in her belief that the borders should have closed after she crossed over into El Norte. She's been closely affiliated in the past with the F.A.I.R.-sponsored offshoot You Don't Speak for Me, headed up by Al "StepinFetchit" Rodriguez, and until recently she was a fellow-traveler of bigot-boy Rusty "Crusty" Childress' anti-immigrant posse United for a Sovereign America, which has accepted such neo-Nazis as Mesa's Zeppelin-esque J.T. Ready and goosestepping geezer Elton Hall into its ranks.

Indeed, it was over the presence of Hall, as reported in last week's Bird column, that Gaines supposedly broke with U.S.A. to found her own group, which is either called American Citizens United, or AZPSEIL, Arizona Patriots Supporting Enforcement of Immigration Laws, depending upon which part of the Web site you're perusing. The curious thing is that Gaines' press conference is heavily publicized on Rusty Childress' hate-site immigrationbuzz.com, which certainly makes you wonder if Childress might be behind Gaines' new effort, or at least helping out. One of the worries U.S.A. members have had is that they've been tarnished by the neo-Nazi leanings of some of their colleagues, and the recent, alleged incident of public urination by U.S.A. member Buffalo Rick Galeener. Their great fear's been that they would be asked about such embarrassments by members of the Fourth Estate when they set about recalling Mayor Gordon, which this kooky crowd's been planning to do for some time.

Gaines' new group, whatever it calls itself, is not yet sullied by such dubious affiliations, though Gaines certainly mingled for some time with various far-right ne'er-do-wells at U.S.A. meetings before up and deciding that the 74-year-old Elton Hall, once an organizer for the American Nazi Party, offended her not-so-delicate sensibilities. Of interest also is the fact that the post on Childress' site pertaining to the press conference lists none other than anti-Mexican hot-head Keith "Loose Screw" Lefebvre as the contact person for American Citizens United. Regular FB readers may remember Lefebvre as the guy who outed himself as the poster "Smooth" on this site, then levied what reads like a threat at another poster.

"And I promise, you will be worth the assault charge, punk," Lefebvre told a foe in one entry. In another, he wrongly contended that, "Operation Wetback worked and it should be implemented IMMEDIATELY at a national level." There's a "Keith LeFevre" [sic] listed as state media coordinator on the ACU site. Can we assume it's the same class act?

To conclude, it's difficult to understand the motives of a self-loathing Latino such as Gaines, but think of her as the Clarence Thomas of the local nativist movement, minus the education, the status, or the Johnson. In any case, she's not to be regarded seriously. Even with the assistance of her fellow fruitcakes, her recall drive is doomed to failure. They have to score 23,751 valid sigs, 120 days from jump, and that ain't gonna happen. Back to Middle Earth for you, Anna. Give our regards to Gandalf, will ya?

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