10 Thanksgiving Desserts to Pre-Order in Metro Phoenix

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The classic way to end a Thanksgiving meal is with a slice of pie. Or, let's be honest, a slice of every single pie that was brought to the party. Make sure there's plenty to go around by pre-ordering one of these 10 delicious desserts for your holiday table. Of course there are quite a few pies, from the classic to the creative, but there are also cupcakes and cookies to ensure the spread is as varied as it is gluttonous.

Fig & Pecan Pie Beckett's Table

For an upscale ending to your Thanksgiving meal, serve this twist on classic pecan alongside an assortment of cheeses. This beauty took home the grand prize in the first annual Pie Social with its balanced fruit and nut filling. Fig and pecan pies can be pre-ordered by November 23 by calling 602-954-1700. The pies are $28, and you can add on a pint of citrus ice cream for $7. Orders can be picked up on Wednesday, November 27, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Doissants The Herb Box

Tired of tradition? Your Thanksgiving table will be trendy as can be with these Cronut-esque specialties. The Scottsdale restaurant made its own version of Dominique Ansel's hit pastry, which inspired New Yorkers to wait in line for several hours just to get a taste. Doissants are filled with flavored creams like vanilla orange, chocolate, and Boston pastry. Call DC Ranch at 480-289-6180 or Southbridge at 480-289-6160 to secure a box for your celebration.

Pink Diablo Pie Urban Beans

Thanksgiving might be all about the turkey, but at every table there's at least one person who is patiently waiting for the real star of the day: the pie. Mix things up this year with a Southwestern-style treat featuring prickly pear cheesecake filling and sweet habanero sauce. The flavors are balanced with crushed walnut crust, lime curd topping, meringue, fresh mint. It might sound like a crazy flavor combo, but this pie is so addictive it could become a new Thanksgiving tradition. Call 602-595-2244 for ordering information.

White Chocolate, Cranberry & Orange Cookie Cake Aunt Ninny's Cookies

What would Thanksgiving be without cranberries? If you're still craving them after downing a few spoonfuls of sauce, try this unique, locally made cookie cake. This is a great dessert for the kids' table, but we bet adults will happily dig in too. Orders can be placed by calling 480-980-3142 or e-mailing auntninnyscookies@cox.net. You can arrange to have your cookies and cookie cakes delivered locally, or they can be picked up at Sozo Coffee Shop in Chandler or the Gilbert Farmers' Market.

Biscotti Gift Box Gina's Homemade

If you are traveling for the holiday weekend, this will make a great gift for your hosts. Plus it ensures you'll have a tasty treat to go with your morning or post-turkey cup of coffee, like the Yum Yum biscotti made with cinnamon chips. There are four sizes of the Autumn Harvest box, from the pack of four flavors for $31.99 to the pack of 12 for $79.99. Rather do the holiday baking yourself? Gina's has a special treat just for you too: freshly made butter.

Sweet Buttermilk Pie Shelley's Specialty Desserts

This might be a repeat from last year's recommendations, but that's because we'd be seriously remiss to leave off what's undoubtedly one of the best pies in Arizona. The perfectly balanced pie is both buttery and sweet with a tender, flaky crust. The filling tastes rich and indulgent without being as heavy as a crème brûlée, leaving you room to go back for seconds or thirds -- if there's any left, that is. Pick up this Southern classic from Shelley's storefront in downtown Glendale for $15. Call 602-380-1127 to order.

Vegan Squash Pie True Food Kitchen

Trying not to break your diet this Thanksgiving? Give this guilt-free pie a try. It's baked with naturally sweet butternut squash and is topped with a coconut whipped cream for a dose of healthy fats. Not only does this dessert deliver nutrients like fiber and omega 3s, but it's dairy-free for your vegan table. Pies are $18 and can be picked up one or two days before the holiday. Call 602-774-3488 to order.

Caramel Apple Cupcakes Urban Cookies Bake Shop

The always-inventive winners of Food Network's Cupcake Wars are offering a whole host of pumpkin goodies this fall season, including streusel muffins, cupcakes, mini pies, and bread. But for a hit with the whole family, our money is on the caramel apple cupcakes. They have all the flavor of an apple pie but with the bonus of soft vanilla cake. They're filled with apple compote and garnished with a crispy apple chip, and there's two versions of caramel on top: fluffy frosting and a generous drizzle. Call 602-451-4335 to order.

Chile Chocolate Pie Treehouse Bakery

This CenPho bakery has vegan versions of classic pies like pumpkin, apple, cherry, and lemon meringue, but the standout of the bunch is a spiced chile chocolate. Treehouse accommodates other special dietary needs, too, with gluten-free raw cheesecakes. Pies are $20, cheesecakes $45, and orders can be placed by calling 480-560-5233.

Iced Cookies Tammie Coe Cakes on Central

Don't fear the judgmental in-laws this year. Fool them into thinking you made these from scratch. The simple sugar cookies look homemade with a slathering of caramel icing and little rainbow sprinkles, but they pack all the flavor a professional pastry chef can provide. The old-fashioned cookie tastes like brown sugar and is soft, chewy, and not overly sweet. The icing's flavor is light but reminiscent of sticky, rich caramels. Order a dozen or two by calling 602-253-0829.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.