10 Underrated Restaurants in Metro Phoenix

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Shine Coffee While the battle for best coffee house usually degrades in some sort of hipster shouting match between Lux loyalists and the cult of Cartel, there's way more going on in the Valley coffee scene than just those two places. Using Press-roasted beans and a culinary flare, Shine crafts coffee drinks with flavor that aren't completely ridiculous and childlike. Drinks like the spicy mokaya, cardamom cold brew, and roasted cognac latte all infuse adult flavors without a lot of syrupy mess. The adjacent living room space is a great quiet spot to get a truckload of work done without all of the crowds distracting you and its vintage furnishings and generous natural light are a great backdrop for mid-morning Instagram posts.

Orange Table Other spots come and go but Orange Table is our go-to place for a casual brunch in Old Town Scottsdale. The menu is simple enough to have mass appeal but also unique enough that we're never bored. We could eat Orange Table's flannels just about any day, though the pancakes and waffles can also be hard to resist. We may not live in the neighborhood but sitting on the patio with a boozy drink overlooking the Civic Center Plaza makes us feel like we do.

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