This Fall, Phoenix Hosts 2 Restaurant Weeks. Here's What You Need To Know

The fried guacamole at The Coronado, one of the participating restaurants of Phoenix Vegan Restaurant Week.
The fried guacamole at The Coronado, one of the participating restaurants of Phoenix Vegan Restaurant Week. Allison Young
There may be no better time for a date night meal than Arizona Restaurant week. The menus are set, the deals are good, and the event encourages diners to get out and try something new.

This fall in Phoenix, there will be a double dose of restaurant week fun. Here's what to expect.

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Cauliflower Tacos at The Coronado.
Jacob Tyler Dunn

Phoenix Vegan Restaurant Week

September 11 through 18
For those who eat an entirely plant-based diet, or for those interested in trying out some of the Valley's vegan options, this event is perfect. This is the second year for Phoenix Vegan Restaurant Week, with 15 restaurants across the Valley signed up to participate, and more joining to the list.

During the week, customers can enjoy specials on breakfast, lunch, and dinner at full-service restaurants, food trucks, pop-ups, and more. Breakfast offerings, which include an entree and drink, cost no more than $15. Lunch meals, which include an appetizer, entree, and drink are capped at $20 and dinner options range from three courses for $33 or five courses for $44.

“There’s a demand for plant-based cuisine, and chefs and restaurateurs are filling the void. In less than a year, nearly 20 vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and ghost kitchens have opened in the Valley," says co-founder of the event, Jozh Watson.

Some participating restaurants include Beaut Burger, Dilla Libre, Early Bird Vegan, Freak Brothers Pizza, Pachamama, Simon's Hot Dogs, The Coronado, and Vegan & Vine. More restaurants continue to join Phoenix Vegan Restaurant Week, and an updated list is available online.

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Buck & Rider will participate in the Fall Arizona Restaurant Week.
Buck & Rider

Fall Arizona Restaurant Week

September 16 through 25
Arizona Restaurant Week, the statewide event that takes place in the spring and fall each year, is back for some September fun. From Sept. 16 through 25, restaurants across the Valley will be serving set menus and unique offerings.

“Our Arizona Restaurant Week events are a fantastic deal for diners that want to explore Arizona’s culinary scene at a fraction of what they would pay on a normal visit,” says Arizona Restaurant Association president and CEO Steve Chucri.

The weeklong celebration of Arizona restaurants includes dinners at three set price points. Restaurants offer three-course meals for $33, $44, or $55. Many participating restaurants serve specials for dine-in or takeout.

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Grass-fed Burger at Santé.
Mer Norwood
So far, more than 100 restaurants are signed up to participate, including Ajo Al's, Buck & Rider, Hearth 61, Liberty Market, Sante, Urban Margarita, and Zinburger. New restaurants have been added to the list for this fall's event, including Etta, Huss Brewpub, and Obon's Bisutoro.

A full list of participating restaurants, along with their menus and price points, will be posted online by September 1. 
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