Arrogant Butcher in Phoenix: Happy Hour Report Card

The Spot: Arrogant Butcher 2 E. Jefferson Phoenix http://www.foxrc.com/the_arrogant_butcher.html

The Hours: Happy hour is from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday in the bar only.

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The Interior: Located in Phoenix's Cityscape, during the week the crowd at Arrogant Butcher varies from downtown bankers to families dining before sports games. The giant bar area in the front of the restaurant has small table seating (four tops) and comfy seats can also be found at the bar most any day of the week. Arrogant Butcher's lux interiors are true to the Sam Fox brand of stylized decor.

The Food: Although there were many options on the menu we decided on the House Soft Pretzels ($5), Crispy Shrimp ($8) and Roasted Pepper Toast ($4). The toast was the most sophisticated option and it was small in position but had a surprisingly addictive taste. The shrimp (of which there were many) were beyond expectation and our favorite dish. It even came with fried Shishito peppers, which should be made into their own dish they are so wonderful. We couldn't help but to order the pretzels to indulge in our weekly carb-count in one sitting. Yes, they are awesome but one order can feed 3 people--what a bargain.

The Drinks: With three specialty cocktails available we ordered The Maid ($4) and The Fix ($4). The Fix comes with a "fruit compote," which is somewhere between a compote and a syrup. Bottom line, it's the perfect drink. Light in taste, strong on booze and only three ingredients.

The Maid was nearly a margarita, and while not creative, it went down quickly. We passed on the shot and beer combo specials, but they are a nice touch to the menu.

Conclusion: Fox's downtown "concept" still has "it." Arrogant Butcher hasn't lost its happy hour lustre. At about $25, our happy hour was more of a meal and the drinks and service were stellar.

Grade: A

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