Caffiend: Jolt's Wild Grape Endurance Shot

Jolt Cola, created in 1985, was the first soda to contain obscene amounts of sugar and caffeine, well before the first "energy drinks" started to hit store shelves. So it's not unrealistic to expect Jolt's new Endurance Shots to offer a high-octane rush superior to other energy shots, such as the "5-Hour Energy Shots" that started appearing at Walgreens about two and a half years ago.

Thankfully, Jolt's Wild Grape flavor Endurance Shots don't disappoint. These little bottles with a big bang come in two-packs, 12-packs, and 18-packs, but one will serve you well for most of the day.

Jolt Endurance Shot: Wild Grape

Looks like:
A two-ounce bottle of unassuming elixir. The company logo on a little silver can doesn't quite capture the explosiveness within. The drink itself is a deep purple color, reminiscent of grape-flavored cough syrups for kids.

Tastes like: Grape Kool-Aid made without any sugar (and Jolt claims the drink contains "zero sugar," so that would explain the sourness).

Smells like: Grape bubble gum.

Caffeine and other contents: The main components in this potent little brew are B vitamins -- B2, B12, and B5, and 2500% the recommended daily intake of vitamin B6. There's also 250 mg of Taurine, 150 mg of caffeine, and 20 mg of guarana. Compared to a Red Bull, this little two-ounce shot contains 70 more mg of caffeine.

Caffeine kick: Hoo, boy! Do not chug the Jolt Endurance Shot if you plan to try and sleep within the next six hours. This shot will wire you awake, mentally and physically (though not all users will be subject to fidgeting and shaky legs). The secret to this shot is not the actual caffeine content or even the Taurine, but the mass amounts of B vitamins. The effect of chugging this shot is very similar to getting a shot of B vitamins at the doctor or taking a sub-lingual B-vitamin complex -- the face feels hot and becomes flushed after ingestion, and there's an immediate energy boost. But unlike a shot of B-vitamins, the Endurance Shot provides sustained energy over the next several hours. And just as advertised, there is no "sugar crash" with this drink. Jolt has succeeded in creating a superior sustained energy shot. -- Niki D'Andrea

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