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Chef Kevin Binkley's Newest Restaurant, Binkley's, Opens This Weekend

James Beard Award-nominated chef Kevin Binkley's newest fine dining restaurant, Binkley's, has finally arrived and is opening this weekend in midtown Phoenix. This has been an eventful year for the noted Valley chef. He closed both Binkley's Restaurant and Bink's Midtown and sold Bink's Scottsdale to open Binkley's, which occupies the same space as Bink's Midtown once did. The newest venture is a big risk, especially given the questionable state of fine dining in the Valley and entire country.

According to the restaurant's website, the restaurant will serve "a seasonally driven menu that is determined by the chef the day of your reservation." Binkley's offers just 20 slots during each seating.

Also from the site: "The dining experience at Binkley’s Restaurant will take you through different sections of the restaurant — from the garden and patio to communal dining inside the house at the bar and then to your own table in the inviting and attractive dining room. The dining room might be thought of as an extension of Chef Binkley’s home and kitchen, and the warm, intimate ambiance is intended to be both welcoming and relaxing."

Reservations are required, and guests can only make reservations online. The menu costs $160 per person. Beverage pairings cost an additional $85 per person, sommelier pairings cost $130 per person, and chef's beverage pairings cost $190 per person. The restaurant automatically adds a 22 percent service charge to each ticket. The website suggests that guests allot three hours for the entire meal. Binkley's will be open from Thursday to Sunday.

For more information, visit Binkley's website.
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