Four Peaks Brewing Co. and Cardinals Reveal Red Bird Lager

Four Peaks Brewing Co. is releasing Red Bird Lager in partnership with the Arizona Cardinals.
Four Peaks Brewing Co. is releasing Red Bird Lager in partnership with the Arizona Cardinals. Four Peaks Brewing Co.
Despite the record-breaking heat we’ve experienced this week, a crisp new football season is upon us. This is a special one, as the National Football League is celebrating its 100th anniversary — a.k.a. The Fantennial. Along with that excitement, there’s one more surprise for football fans in Arizona. In partnership with the Arizona Cardinals, Four Peaks Brewing Co. is releasing the new Red Bird Lager on Monday, August 26.

Members of the Red Sea will find Red Bird Lager in those smart-looking aluminum bottles at both Four Peaks pubs and select grocery stores throughout Arizona. For additional details, we turn to Four Peaks' communications manager, Zach Fowle.

When and how did the idea for Red Bird Lager arise?

We've partnered with the Cardinals for five years in a number of ways, from sponsoring the Big Red Brew Haus and in-stadium, grab-and-go beer stations to presenting Tailgater of the Game awards to fans with the most team spirit at every home game. But considering this year is the Fantennial — the celebration of the NFL's 100th season — we wanted to take the partnership further and give members of the Red Sea a beer they can really enjoy while cheering for their favorite team.

Did you approach the Cards or did they approach you?

It was a mutual decision. We get together each year to brainstorm ways we can improve Tailgater of the Game and our other partnerships. When the Cardinals folks mentioned that this season would be the NFL Fantennial, we all decided a new beer would be the best way to celebrate.

click to enlarge Red Bird Lager will be available in those smart-looking aluminum bottles. - FOUR PEAKS BREWING CO.
Red Bird Lager will be available in those smart-looking aluminum bottles.
Four Peaks Brewing Co.
Are most of the Four Peaks dudes Cards fans? Or are there some playful rivalries?

"Playful" is one way to put it. "Homicidal" is another. We have a lot of homegrown Cardinals fans on staff, but there are also plenty of Seahawks, Bears, and Vikings diehards. Game days can get heated.

What’s the ABV?

4.5 percent.

What’s the flavor like?

Red Bird is a malt-focused amber lager. The flavor starts with smooth, caramel-ly sweetness, then follows up with hints of toast and bread crust before a quick, clean finish.

Will it be on tap at any bars or restaurants?

It won't actually be on tap anywhere; this batch was made specifically for the 16-ounce aluminum bottles. They'll be available at our pubs and State Farm Stadium, as well as at Wild Horse Pass, Lone Butte, and Vee Quiva casinos. We're currently working with our distributor to determine where else the beer will be available.

How long will it be around?

We packaged close to 3,000 12-packs of Red Bird Lager yesterday. That's all we're planning to make for now, so once they're gone, they'll likely be gone until next season.

What makes you guys take on all these special projects, like partnering with Arizona State Parks, Four Peaks for Teachers, now Red Bird Lager?

Anyone can open up a business and claim they're "part of the community," but we believe that you really become part of your community by embracing its people and supporting the causes they care about. We want to show support to the people who've helped us grow, and if we can do that by raising a little money, donating some school supplies, or brewing a beer for the home team, why wouldn't we?

For more information, see the Four Peaks Brewing Co. website.
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