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Fun With Wagyu: Pastrami at Noca

It seems like I've been hearing about it for months now: Noca's mythical wagyu pastrami.

Owner Eliot Wexler was busy tracking down wagyu brisket -- definitely an unusual cut of the pricey, succulent Kobe beef -- while chef Chris Curtiss was fine-tuning the ultimate recipe. Wexler was inspired by both the killer pastrami at the famed Katz's Delicatessen in NYC (his all-time fave) and his Chicago pal Ronnie's successful foray into wagyu pastrami-making.

So the housemade pastrami made its menu debut last night, as an appetizer, and it was just as outrageous as promised -- all the lusciousness of melt-on-your-tongue wagyu, with aromatic pastrami spice. It was served on top of wholegrain mustard spaetzle, with horseradish crema and a lovely cippolini onion on top. The mustard had just enough kick to counter the richness of the meat.

Stop me before I drool on the keyboard anymore.

On an unrelated note, they have awesome, sweet Nantucket Bay scallops right now. Loved the Meyer lemon zest in the parmesan and artichoke heart risotto that was teamed with the scallops...


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Michele Laudig
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