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In Taiwan, You Can Print Your Face on Your Latte

Sorry, dedicated latte artists. Let's Cafe in Taiwan has got you beat. It has introduced a new machine that lets latte drinkers (and apparently, their cats) snap a photo, upload it into a magic machine, and print it in foam and powder atop an espresso drink.

Because why wouldn't you want to sip a drink with your face on it?

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Technically speaking, you won't find this machine at a coffee store, but rather at Taiwanese convenience stores. According to the marketing video above, it was part a strategy to lure customers away from other, more traditional coffee shops.

Of course, if you've ever seen a barista create latte art, you'll know that this is totally cheating.

Latte art usually means carefully manipulating milk and foam to create designs called "rosettes" or "tulips." The only tools you get are your creative juices, a cup, and a milk pitcher. Some people might say you're allowed to use a toothpick to draw tiny, intricate designs -- and even that's debatable as true latte art. But printing a powder picture? No way the purists will let that fly.

Regardless, the technology seems to been working out for the Taiwanese company. According to the video, it's made Let's Cafe one of the most successful coffee chains in the country.

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