Rhonni Moffitt's Perfect Food Day

Rhonni Moffitt describes her food philosophy in three words: It's all about fresh, local and creativity. She publishes Arizona Vines & Wines Magazine, an online and print mag about wine in Arizona with a special emphasis on the Arizona wine industry. She sits on Northern Arizona's Verde Valley Wine Consortium board and was the first Executive Director of the Arizona Wine Growers Association. She loves supporting "Arizona's amazing chefs, especially those who source locally and pour Arizona wines."

Here is her perfect food day:

Breakfast: Huevos Rancheros from Coffee Pot (in Sedona) paired with Sonoita Vineyards Peach Sparkles mimosa. On my perfect day, I would also be sharing bites of my husband's pancakes and sausage covered in maple syrup! I would be enjoying this on the patio at the Enchantment Resort.

Lunch: Bacon Cheeseburger with fries. The burger would be made by the Cowboy Club in Sedona and the fries from Café Bink in Cave Creek. This would be paired with an Arizona Malvasia or Viognier. I would be enjoying this under the pecan grove on a picnic table at the Farm at South Mountain.

Dinner: Oh my . . . the perfect day would have to include Oxtail Nichi from Chef Greg LaPrad, Braised Leeks from Chef Charleen Badman, Foie Gras from Chef James Porter, Lobster Risotto from Chef Beau MacMillan, Halibut by Chef Anthony DeMuro and a nice grass-fed steak by Chef John Hall. This would be paired with an Arizona Syrah or red blend. Dessert . . . well, I might be full but anything by Tracy Dempsey would hit the spot! I would enjoy this at sunset in the Kai dining room with service by their amazing staff surrounded by friends. Cheers!

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