St. Francis Unveils New Mural By Hector Ruiz and DOSE

St. Francis Unveils New Mural By Hector Ruiz and DOSE

First, chef-owner Aaron Chamberlin opened St. Francis with a sleek, minimalist look. Now he's welcomed two local artists to fill up an entire wall of the restaurant with their edgy work.

Artists Hector Ruiz and DOSE

Usually, you'd see Hector Ruiz's paintings in such places as The Heard Museum or Bentley Gallery in Scottsdale.

In his more recent work, he's teamed with graffiti artist DOSE on a series of large-scale murals (covered in our sister arts blog, Jackalope Ranch) that aren't unlike the splashy blue piece they did for the restaurant.

Their mural, located in the upstairs dining room, was unveiled at a cocktail reception last weekend.

From what I've seen of Ruiz and DOSE's previous work, this thing is absolutely worth a special visit to St. Francis, just for fun.

If I were you, I'd get some fig and blue cheese flatbread while I'm at it.

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