The 10 Birthday Shots Guaranteed to Make You Vomit

Turning 21 is a monumental day in most young lives. And what better way to celebrate finally turning that magic (i.e., rip up the fake I.D.) age than by having your closest friends feed you as many vomit-inducing shots as possible for their own entertainment. Not to mention you will be so epically hungover you probably won't want to drink till your next birthday.

And until you reach a better age, like maybe 30, you probably won't learn your lesson and history will repeat itself.

We've compiled a list of the ten (in no particular order) shots to avoid at all costs --or torture your friends with. Bottoms Up!

10. Four Horsemen Tequila, Jagermiester, 151 Rum and Rumple Mintz are all kinda gross by themselves. Mix equal parts of all 4 together and you're seriously in for it. If that's not enough, add Goldschlager and turn it into a Five Star General.

9. Cement Mixer When milk or cream hits anything mildly acidic, magic happens and it coagulates. Add Bailey's Irish Cream to a shot glass of lime juice and let the curdling begin. We have heard of people liking the taste of these, but we still don't understand how they got past the texture.

Similar to this is the Abortion. Vodka, Bailey's and grenadine garnished with a paper clip Completely wrong in so many ways.

8. Around the WellIf you run into a lazy bartender or you have been just plain annoying him/her with your drunken slurs of, "It's my birthday," he or she will probably grab all the cheap stuff (tequila, vodka, gin, run and whiskey) and dump in a glass and say, "There's your birthday shot, now get away from the bar"

7. The Ranchero Fill a shot glass with tequila. Add tabasco and top with ranch dressing. If one of your friends brings you this shot, you must have really pissed them off. Reconsider your friendship with said person immediately.

6. Dead Man Walking The U.S. ban on absinthe was lifted in 2007 but you're still not going to find it at most bars. If you do happen to find the stuff, go ahead and ruin it by adding Goldschlager and prepare to turn into exactly what the name suggests.

5. The Tidal Wave This shot is fun for everyone involved but the person drinking it. First, the bartender hands you a shot of something weak and blue. So far, not so bad. But hidden beneath the bar is a pitcher of ice water. Once you put that glass to your mouth, you'll be in for a shock when you are doused with water and all your friends yell "TIDAL WAVE".

4. Tastes Like Burning The only thing that could possible make Rumple Mintz worse would be to add habenero sauce and that is exactly what this shot is. Fill a shot glass with Rumple Mintz, add about 10 drops of habenero sauce and drink up!

3. Holy Guacamole This one is comprised of tequila with lime juice and tabasco in a garlic salt rimmed shot glass, served with an avocado and raw onion wedges. This shot doesn't sound that terrible on paper, but it's a whole different story when it's placed in front of you.

2. New Jersey Turnpike, AKA "The Mat Shot" We don't even know how it's legal to get away with feeding this to anyone. (Come to think of it, it probably isn't.) Basically the bartender takes the bar mat and pours all the liquid it's caught into a shot glass and then takes a dirty bar rag, cleans up any booze that they might have spilled and then wrings out the rag into the glass. If you don't puke on your own from this one, you might want to consider making yourself.

1. The Relishious Jagermister topped with a dollop of pickle relish. Need we say more?

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