Here's The Lineup for the Lost Lake Festival Food and Drink in Phoenix This Fall

Courtesy of Lost Lake Festival
The Lost Lake Festival is coming to Phoenix October 20 through 22. We already told you about the great music lineup, including the likes of The Killers and DJ Lazer, as well as some of the wild, interactive art installations and games planned. And now, the culinary lineup has finally been released.

Chris Bianco is the culinary ambassador for the event, so it should come as no surprise that there are going to be some heavy hitters of the Phoenix food scene represented. Food and beverages will be divided into four "experience areas," including Phoenix Flavors (food), Brewpark (craft beer), The Lava Pit (barbecue), and Nectar of the Gods (tequila and mescal).

Here's the complete list of the local bars and restaurants who will be participating:

Casa Anejo
Clever Koi
Freak Brothers Pizza
Frites Street
Gangsta Burger
Gorilla Cheese Food Truck
Grant's Ice Cream
Gypsy Cup
Hillside Cafe
Hippie Dips
Hot Bamboo
Hummus Xpress
Island Noodles
Kaleidoscope Juice
Left Coast Burrito
Los Compadres
Paletas Betty
Pizzeria Bianco
Stock & Stable
Tee's Mac n Cheese
The Spot
The Treatery
White Eyes Fry Bread

Anderson Valley Brewing Co.
Avery Brewing Co.
Blue Moon Brewing Co.
College Street Brewhouse
Crispin Cider Co.
Dragoon Brewing Co.
Grand Canyon Brewing Co.
Great Divide Brewing Co.
Hop Valley Brewing Co.
Huss Brewing Co.
Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co.
Mike Hess Brewing
Mother Earth Brew Co.
Phoenix Ale Brewery
Pilsner Urquell Brewery
Saint Archer Brewing Co.
SanTan Brewing Co.
Ska Brewing
That Brewery

Starlite Pitmaster (the new restaurant being opened by the Ocotillo team this fall)
Tom's BBQ Pitmaster

Tasting flights of anejo, reposado, blanco, and mezcal (brands yet to be announced)

The Lost Lake Festival will take place at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix. Tickets are available online

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