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  • 21 days ago | Concerts

    Anthony Raneri, lead singer and guitarist of the emo rock band Bayside, doesn’t care what other people think of him or his band. He is proud of what the group has accomplished throughout their 16 years together and the seven albums they have relea...

  • 1 month ago | Concerts

    Julien Baker dreaded telling her parents she’s not going back to school this semester. The singer-songwriter, who released her debut album, Sprained Ankle, last year to great acclaim, encountered the same reaction from her parents as she has throu...

  • 1 month ago | Essay

    For someone best known for their distinctive singing voice, Adele talks on stage. A lot. No subject is off-limits for the 28-year-old artist: shopping, flicking boogers or allegedly turning down an offer to perform at the 2017 Super Bowl halftime ...

  • 2 months ago | Concerts

    Jasmyn Burke didn’t really like boy bands growing up, but if there is one track that captures the essence of her buzz-worthy Toronto-based quartet Weaves, it would be their cover of “Drag Me Down” by boy band One Direction. The song was originally...

  • 2 months ago | Concert Review

    Duran Duran was in danger of being upstaged by their opening act. Chic featuring Nile Rodgers is no ordinary warm-up band. Rodgers is behind some of the funkiest guitar riffs of all time, like the oft-sampled disco hit “Good Times,” and has worked...

  • 2 months ago | Lists

    Duran Duran is a band that is stubbornly timeless. They are a musical conundrum: Are they admired for once being ahead of their time or because they are a band forever stuck in an era? The new wave band is what David Bowie’s and Roxy Music’s work ...


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