10 Damning Revelations from Arpaio's Contempt Trial, So Far

Round two of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's federal contempt trial began last Thursday. Yet revelations from the testimony of Arpaio's chief deputy, Jerry Sheridan, and from portions of deposition transcripts made public already have been damning. Here are the 10 of the most eyebrow-raising: 

10. According to Sheridan, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office's so-called "Seattle investigation" of a bogus conspiracy involving federal Judge G. Murray Snow cost (at least) $250,000.
9. The MCSO improperly paid for the Seattle investigation, in part, with federal funds from the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program.
8. Warned by Special Investigations Captain Steve Bailey that the Seattle probe was exhausting the MCSO's RICO account, Arpaio told him, "I don’t care. You need to get the fucking  money.”  7. The chief deputy authorized travel expenses, lodging, and airfare to Seattle for two MCSO employees and one civilian, Cold Case Posse commander Mike Zullo.
6. At the time the MCSO was paying Seattle confidential informant Dennis Montgomery, Sheridan and Arpaio suspected the CI had acquired his info by illegal means.
5. Ex-MCSO attorney Tim Casey says he was present at a meeting where, via phone, Montgomery described the bogus anti-Arpaio conspiracy involving Snow, which Casey called "vindictive."
4. Though other MCSO employees may have been involved, the MCSO never opened a criminal internal affairs investigation on a cache of illicit drugs, some in MCSO evidence bags, found in ex-deputy Ramon "Charley" Armendariz's home.
3. According to Sheridan, MCSO attorney Michele Iafrate warned MCSO employees not to (voluntarily) offer up information to the court-appointed monitor on the discovery of 1,500 IDs, despite Snow's order that they turn over such evidence.
2. When MCSO Sergeant Travis Anglin warned the sheriff to distance himself from Zullo and Montgomery, Arpaio asked him, "Who the hell do you think you are?"  
1. Evidence and testimony from his own employees and his former lawyer show that Arpaio ran the Seattle investigation, that he knew Montgomery was investigating Judge Snow, and that Arpaio probably perjured himself during the first round of hearings in April.
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Stephen is a former staff writer and columnist at Phoenix New Times.
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