10 Worst Cops in (Recent) Arizona History

Ex-Tempe police officer Jessica Dever-Jakusz received probation last week for sleeping with an Ecstasy dealer she was supposed to be setting up for a sting.

Still, the daughter-in-law of the late Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever is by no means the worst cop we can think of in recent Arizona history.

Read on for a quick roundup of the state's men-formerly-wearing-blue who most deserve your scorn:

10.) Larry Dever, deceased Cochise County Sheriff.

10 Worst Cops in (Recent) Arizona History

Dever-Jakusz's deceased father-in-law makes our list. Some cops work for decades to earn a great reputation in their communities before they're exposed as bad lawmen. This is Larry Dever's tragic tale. Just six months after being praised in a Phoenix New Times article, Dever was found dead in his totaled truck in the woods near Williams. The investigation showed he'd been speeding down a dirt road blind drunk and surrounded by open liquor containers. An autopsy later showed he had a .29 BAC, belying his crafted image as a tea totaler and displaying in catastrophic fashion his failure to live up to any higher standard.

9.) Armando Ramirez

Armando Ramirez
Armando Ramirez

A spat with his wife somehow caused Armando Ramirez to fire his gun in his home in 2011. His department, Phoenix, later stated to the public that officials were "extremely concerned" about the welfare of his family. The five-year veteran was convicted for unlawful discharge of a weapon and lost his badge, but somehow managed to land a job as an investigator for the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System. He's now back in criminal court, fighting charges that he defrauded his employer and veterans groups and lied about having overseas combat experience.

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