Arizona AG's Office Turns to Heavy-Hitters For New Anti-Meth Campaign -- Seventh-Graders

The ghoulish actors and actresses featured in state and county sponsored anti-meth campaigns apparently aren't cutting it, so the Attorney General Terry Goddard's office is now turning to children to get the job done.

As part of the Arizona Meth Project's "Not Even Once" campaign, the AG's office is asking seventh and eighth grade students to submit their drawings to the Meth Prevention Poster Contest.

The theme of the contest is using kids to get other kids to never try meth, and the winner will have their drawing turned into a poster that will distributed throughout the state and 500 bucks.

Frankly, if grotesque images of toothless, beaten-up hookers -- like the ones in the previous campaigns -- didn't work, we find it hard to believe that the etchings of junior-high kids are gonna do much to curb meth use. Unless, of course, junior-high kids can draw really good pictures of toothless, beaten-up hookers.

The contest is only available to seventh- and eighth-grade students in Arizona schools and must be received in the AG's office by January 29, 2010.

Applicants are encouraged to come up with slogans and images that "keep it simple," but will catch someone's attention.

Applications and drawing can be sent to the Attorney General's Office, Attn: Sara Acer at 1275 W. Washington St. Phoenix, AZ 85007.

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