Better Use of Taxpayer Money: Defending Arpaio's Racial Profiling, or 73 Jetpacks?

This could have been us, fellow taxpayers.
This could have been us, fellow taxpayers.

The estimate of the taxpayers' tab in the Melendres v. Arpaio lawsuit is more than $7.3 million, the Feathered Bastard reported yesterday.

While thinking of a more judicious use of $7.3 million in taxpayer money, we found these really badass jetpacks.

The Martin Jetpack company isn't making these bad-boys yet, but it's shooting for a price of $100,000.

Instead of defending unconstitutional policing, we could get 73 Maricopa County jetpacks (one for every 54,000 residents). At least we'd have something to show for it, instead of just pissing it away into the ether.

Our colleague Stephen Lemons says, "This is hardly the only legal bill associated with Melendres. Nor will it be the last."

So we could have had even more jetpacks.

Which sounds like a better use of taxpayer money to you: defending Arpaio, or these cool jetpacks?

Cast your vote below:

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