Is John Kavanagh Arizona's Worst Legislator?

Republican Representative John Kavanagh of Fountain Hills has had quite the legislative session thus far.

He kicked it off by announcing his support for repealing Arizona's voter-approved medical marijuana law, followed it up with vocal support of a bill that would protect Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the event of a recall election, and most recently, he's gone "bathroom birther" -- proposing that people use their birth certificate to prove they're using the correct public restroom.

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Kavanagh's latest piece of genius would make it a crime to intentionally enter a public restroom if that restroom has a designated sex, and the person "is not legally classified on the person's birth certificate as a member of that sex."

This is a pretty apparent response to the City of Phoenix's new anti-discrimination ordinance, which the homophobic lobbyists at the Center for Arizona Policy dubbed the "bathroom bill." The organization tried to convince its followers that this would give an excuse for men to "gain access" to little girls in bathrooms.

Now, we're just askin': is Kavanagh the worst legislator in the state?

Don't forget about folks like Senator Judy Burges, and Representative Steve Smith, and cast your vote below:

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