"Spiritual Warrior" James Ray Puts Beverly Hills Home on Market

James Ray (left) with Larry King and Wendy Walker
James Ray (left) with Larry King and Wendy Walker

Self-help guru and "Spiritual Warrior" James Ray, the focus of a homicide investigation stemming from the deaths of three people in a sweat lodge ceremony near Sedona, has put his house up for sale.

Ray was also named in two lawsuits filed last week, both stemming from the sweat tent debacle -- probably a good time to ditch some assets.

Ray's 7,234-square-foot Beverly Hills home, according to a report in the LA Times, was bought by Ray back in March for about $4 million. He can probably afford it -- snake oil is pricey these days.

Ray charged participants up to $10,000 to sit in the sweat tent that was made of tarps and blankets, and probably cost about $500 to put up.

Despite paying $4 million for the house just seven months ago, the "spiritual warrior" hopes to make a hefty profit on his palace. The listing price on Ray's pad: $5.4 million.


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