Martha Stewart Radio Welcomes Chow Bella's Carol Blonder

Chow Bella's resident chef, Carol Blonder, caught the attention of producers at Martha Stewart Radio with her recent "Ask the Chef" post on keeping herbs and spices fresh.

Now, Blonder's about to spice up the airwaves.

Although Blonder herself isn't keen on tooting her own horn, I'm more than happy to rave about the fact that she'll be a guest on tomorrow's "Living Today" show with host Mario Bosquez, on the subject of "Spices 101."

Tune in to the Martha Stewart Radio channel (Sirius Satellite Radio channel 112) at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on November 9.

Not a Sirius subscriber but want to listen? Get a free three-day subscription here.

Congrats, Carol! We know you'll be a hit!


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