A Hello Kitty Birthday Bow

It is Hello Kitty's birthday this month and what better way to celebrate then to craft up something pink and saccharin sweet. Ms. Kitty's founder, Sanrio, is celebrating its 50th anniversary with Small Gift -- a tour complete with a pop up shop. Look for this today on Mill Avenue (in front of American Apparel) from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m..

Join the party and toast to Kitty's birthday wearing a very Hello Kitty neon pink, side-angled bow. You can go online or to the pop up shop and buy a headband bow for $30 but this Thrifty Maker is after the look with out spending the dough.

Join the fun thrifty style and learn how to make a Hello Kitty headband bow, after the jump.

Sewing Machine
Plastic Headband
Binder Clip
E-6000 Glue

1. Buy a pink plastic headband from the dollar store.

2. Draw the icon Hello Kitty Bow onto a piece of paper.

3. Cut the bow out -- this will serve as your template.

4. Using a scrap of pink fabric, double up so you two piece, lay the paper bow down and cut around it.

5. You will end up with two identical bow shapes

6. Take them to your sewing machine and sew it almost all the way up, leaving just a small opening, about an 1 ½ wide. (You can also stitch by hand or use fabric glue)

7. Turn inside out.
8. Stuff the bow with batting.

9. Thread a needle and hand sew the remaining area closed. NOTE: You do not need to do a perfect job on this part because it will be glued down.

10. Grab your headband and run a bead of glue across the area where you want to place your bow.

11. Press the center area of your bow down, where you've hand sewn, to flatten it a bit.
12. Press the bow on top of the glue on the headband.
13. Clip this area with a binder clip to hold in place until the glue dries.

To finish it off, draw a silhouette of Hello Kitty on a piece of paper, draw on her eyes and nose and attach this to one side of the bow with glue.

Wear to the Hello Kitty party today and enjoy!

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Cyndi Coon
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